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The Social Security Advocacy Project (SSAP) has provided Social Security disability and SSI representation to vulnerable individuals since 1997. SSAP helps clients who have a legal problem with disability benefits that they are already receiving. SSAP focuses its resources on assisting clients who face multiple barriers (e.g. homelessness, mental illness, chemical dependency, limited language, and limited education), and have a legal problem that is likely to generate attorney fees.

The Disabled Homeless Advocacy Project (DHAP) was launched in April 2006 to address a well-documented need for SSDI/SSI representation for homeless individuals. DHAP delivers legal aid “in the field” at local shelters, libraries, and sites accessible to the homeless population. DHAP helps provide the accommodations, resources, and encouragement necessary to help keep homeless clients engaged in medical treatment and in their disability claim.

Through these projects, SCLC helps disabled individuals living in poverty gain a measure of income stability: the first critical step toward stability in housing, medical treatment, and quality of life.