Camp Unity Eastside





17856, Northeast Woodinville Duvall Road, Woodinville, Washington, 98077, United States.


Camp Unity Eastside is more than the average tent city. We like to refer to ourselves as a tent village. The residents aren’t who you might normally expect. They’re a mix of families and individuals, some employed and others unemployed. Many leave in the morning to go to their jobs or to find affordable housing, and come back assured they have a place to call their own. A safe and secure place to rest their heads at night. Folks from all walks of life live here, and all have a unified goal: To pick up the pieces of a life that is familiar and to move into a more prosperous and sustainable future. Whether it’s finding work, a new place to live, or just a fresh start at life, camp residents are supported by the community at-large. Camp supervisors and board members are professionals who guide and help camp residents throughout their stay. We encourage anyone experiencing homelessness to visit Camp Unity Eastside. We provide a tent and blankets for folks that qualify to stay. We are an 18+ adult camp village. Drugs or alcohol are not allowed.

Camp Unity Eastside is currently hosted by Saint Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church.

Donations are eagerly accepted.