North Helpline Bitter Lake




Saturday 10 am – 2pm


13000, Linden Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, 98133, United States.

We believe that all deserve adequate food, housing, and respect.
We assist our neighbors in obtaining basic needs that affirm their human dignity and worth.

Unless you are experiencing homelessness, please limit your visits with us to one time per week. If you are in need of a No-Cook option, you will have the opportunity to request that.

At both locations, there will be a designated volunteer or staff member handing out numbers to clients. Once your number is called you will retrieve the food that has been prepared for you.

North Helpline Bitter Lake is our second Food Bank location, which serves residents of zip codes 98115, 98125, 98133, 98155, 98177, 98011, and 98028. All clients can receive food from North Helpline Food Bank once each week, during our distribution hours. North Helpline works to ensure the best possible selection for our clients.

In Bitter Lake, the entrance to Bitter Lake Food Bank is on the sidewalk on the small street that cuts through to the alley just east of Linden Ave North. The Food Bank is located in the ground floor of the SHAG building there.