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As we all take in the enormity of need around us throughout the COVID-19 crisis, many people are wondering what they can do to help. There are plenty of ways to give money to organizations doing great work, but how can you reach people directly in your community.

As families face financial short-falls, they are forced to make hard decisions around what bills to pay first. What ends up happening is that families don’t have money left after paying rent and urgent bills to keep the lights on and this creates “food insecurity.” Whether homeless or middle class, many families experience food insecurity on a regular basis. Local food banks seek to fill the gap for consistent or occasional needs in their community.

You might know someone in your neighborhood who could use help, but if not, they are likely looking for local food banks to help them out. Here is a simple idea you and your family can do together to help support these food banks who are seeing unprecedented volumes of clients and a dip in funding and volunteers throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

  1. Let people know to set aside some groceries in the coming week for those in need.
  2. Plan a day to drive around to the houses of friends and family who are able to help.
  3. Be sure to observe all social distancing and health guidelines. Wear your masks and gloves and prepare boxes to receive donated goods.
  4. Collect the goods and give folks a digital greeting or a wave from a safe distance.
  5. Sort, disinfect and re-pack goods for delivery to your local food bank.

Find information right here on The Care Map for local food bank hours and contact information. Consider buying additional goods on their ‘most-needed’ lists or make an additional cash donation with your mini-drive.

Let us know if you do one of these drive and we’ll post your pictures!